• Skilled Nurses For Quality In-Home Medical Care

  • Immediately sending your family member to a nursing home after a medical emergency is no longer necessary! We employ several registered nurses trained to meet the needs of patients with rapidly changing health statuses. This service includes care for complex wound dressings, tube feedings, or administering medications. Skilled nursing is a term that refers to a patient’s need of care or treatment that can only be done by licensed nurses. Skilled medical care in the home can help provide a comforting solution to residing in an assisted living community, nursing home, or hospital. We offer this service so your loved one can receive the same quality of skilled nursing care at home.

    Choosing an agency to care for your loved one as opposed to hiring health care workers privately or sending your loved one to a nursing home benefits you in many ways. For example, if your regular caregiver becomes ill or is unable to work for any reason, a replacement will be provided from a pool of qualified personnel. Working with PRN gives you the security and peace of mind a qualified caregiver brings with none of the uncertainties and hassles. Cost depends on the level of care required. PRN is acutely aware of spiraling medical costs and strives to maintain the lowest fees possible without sacrificing the highest standard of care.

    Our certified and licensed professionals are trained to meet a wide range of patient needs with dignity and respect. You are matched with the best person to meet your specific requirements. PRN checks the references of all employees to ensure quality and dependability. All employees are bonded and insured. PRN also handles burdensome payroll requirements such as F.I.C.A., income taxes, workers’ comp and unemployment insurance, and Medicare withholdings. At your request, PRN will even work with your insurance to obtain benefit information for services or to arrange direct billing.